Undiscovered Virtue

For my inaugural post to this blog, I wanted to share a video I have referenced in the past. It’s about how Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country had more dignity than most media properties these days.

When a show includes goofy aliens and hilarious jumpsuits, dignity is not often appreciated, so let’s just take the win.

Fortunately for us, it would appear that nostalgia has hit a wall. We talked about this in our last call, but no matter how well it could pull it off, there is still the central question: Why do we need Indiana Jones to tackle aging when we could watch a drama or some other film better suited to the subject matter?

But we know the Hollywood mindset well enough. Beat the horse until it’s not only dead, but its bones have been pulverized into a fine powder.

And on that note, since I can’t make this weekend’s call, let me call out the Actors and Writers strike. The Hollywood Reporter has been covering it extensively (obvi), but this is the little gem that has been talked about:

“He stuck his foot in it so bad that you notice none of the other CEOs are opening their mouths,” Drescher said. “There he is, sitting in his designer clothes and just got on his private jet at the billionaire’s camp, telling us we’re unrealistic when he’s making $78,000 a day. How do you deal with someone like that who’s so tone-deaf? Are you an ignoramus? I don’t understand.”

The emphasis is mine. But it’s worth reminding the average American about the Hollywood executive reality. And if you would like a primer on this subject, I highly recommend Vox’s recent breakdown:

So, about the blog?

Your main question will undoubtedly be “Why?” and the answer is: Because my family is my only audience and that is pretty low-pressure.

I’ve decided to have fun with this. To post things that I want to share with my family and whatever other fun stuff I’m doing (for instance, go visit the homepage and you can click around like it’s a point-and-click adventure that takes you to some of my portfolio artwork.

Nothing is optimized for mobile. I don’t care about SEO. There are no links to social networks because, as you know, I hate them.

So blogging is a lot easier when I’m talking to, like, three people.