When the owners are away, I freelance a little as a production cat. Among my tasks are identifying images. Sometimes, I need to find a high-quality source image, but all I have is some low-quality version I snagged from the internet.

Even if I was content with my low-quality image, I can’t use it just because I found it. There is copyright to consider. So I use TinEye to search for the source.

“Royalty Free” does NOT mean “Free to Use.”

There are other websites that perform these searches, even Google tosses it into their image search. But I’ve found that Tineye returns better results on average and does a better job helping me ID stock image sites where I might purchase a license.

You probably didn’t expect a short education on the use of images, but this cat is versatile.┬áSo give ’em a try. That robot won’t steer you wrong.

TinEye Reverse Image Search