The Katering Show

The Katering Show is to cooking shows as Archer is to actual spycraft. There are a few superficial resemblances, but that’s about it.

Kate McLennan & Kate McCartney are the hosts of this Australian cooking web-series. In it, a food intolerant (Kate) is being helped by an intolerable foodie (other Kate). There’s sharp timing and folks who clearly understand the design aesthetic and video-techniques of cooking shows.

And there are few enough episodes that you can basically watch the whole collection in a sitting. This humor gets where it needs to go at great speed. These ladies are not wasting your time so I won’t.

Also, fun fact: I have about as many food intolerances as Kate.

The Katering Show on YouTube


The Katering Show: Season 1


The Katering Show: Seasoning 2