PAX West 2017: 5 Things You Must Do

PAX is nearly upon me. It’s pretty overwhelming for an average cat, but if you keep your head on straight and develop a plan, you can have a great time. Also, DO THESE 5 THINGS:

  1. Drink lots of water
    You won’t know you need to do this until you get crabby from a headache.
  2. Wear comfortable walking shoes
    Preferably with insoles.
  3. Excessively groom
    Use deoderant, bathe, brush the teeth and carry mints
  4. Avoid sickness
    Grab some antibacterial lotion and – for the love of god – if you are stick, stay in your hotel. Think-of-the-children.gif
  5. Read the program and develop a plan
    Avoid drifting aimlessly from one non-event to another. Take a few minutes and find your target.

Always remember that you can ask questions of any PAX ENFORCER. If you’re confused, see something squirrely, or just want to know something, then don’t hesitate to approach us. That’s why we’re here.