is an essential writing tool. When I want the world to melt away so there’s only me and my words, this is the tool I use.

For instance:

With the PC version (DANA) here are the only things you can do:

  • Choose from three text styles: Serif, Sans Serif, and Script
  • Change the size of the overall text
  • Choose from 8 background images that are easy on the eyes
  • Choose from 7 ambient music loops (plus muting) that are easy on the ears
  • Choose from 7 keypress sounds (plus muting) that are slight and unobtrusive
  • Save and load documents

That’s it. There are no fonts, formatting, spacing, line color or any other thing. In Ommwriter’s world, those are distractions.

If you’re a Mac user, then you are privileged to use GAIA (not DANA), which is the latest iteration of Ommwriter. It offers some different environmental options. But essentially, it’s the same.

I’ve been using this software for quite a few years now and highly recommend it.

Ommwriter Homepage


They ask you to pay what you want, so just name your price. Pretty sweet deal.