At a basic level, Kripparrian is quite good at games. He’s been making videos for years now. He’s also the most popular Hearthstone streamer. And since Hearthstone is my game of choice, I see a lot of Kripp. You should too.

He even got a write-up in Rolling Stone:

Kripp’s got a few theories to explain why people might like watching him so much. The first can be hard to swallow for Hearthstone detractors, but it’s a good argument for the value of the game itself. “Hearthstone is the best game in the world for a viewer,” he says. “Because you see the decisions, you know what you would do, and you are immediately satisfied with the result. When someone watches Hearthstone, they’re learning the game on such a different level compared to every other game that I’ve seen, that I think makes it one of the best viewer experiences.”

Kripparrian on Twitch


Kripparrian on YouTube


Check him out. Oh, and his dog Dex is adorbs.

(High resolution version of Kripparrian's iconic logo thanks to noremac13 on Reddit.)