This is my homepage. In case the contents of this site are not obvious, then allow me to explain things:

I am a cat. I read. I play games and I make things.

What you can expect

Videos. Words. Pretty graphics. No big deal for a clever cat.

Also, I enjoy games but I’m not good. Don’t get me wrong: for a small cat, I’m amazing. But I’m a fairly average gamer among the Big Cats out there reading this.

Sadly, I cannot stream even at 780p, but that will change once we move. In the meantime, I have some rather creative methods of delivering game footage to you. My game of choice is Hearthstone, but I also play a variety of other PC games.

In addition to formal blog posts like these, you’ll also find quick-posts that highlight a Cool Thing on the internet. That could be a fun thing or it might be a productive fun thing. I’m always happy to share my creative knowledge.

That’s it. I got things to do. I’m a cat.