About DocBadwrench

I’m a cat from Seattle who plays games.

I also make weekly videos where I highlight the highs and lows — usually both — of gaming. My favorite game is Hearthstone, but I venture off into other directions now and then.

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This website is updated semi-regularly. I’m always happy to share fun stuff and any knowledge I have (time permitting). It’s usually in the form of micro-posts, with just enough info for you to figure out if you should care or not.

Some of the tools I use

I make extensive use of Adobe Creative Cloud, Lynda.com and a host of other applications. Over the coming months, I’ll post quick takes that point you in the right direction.

In addition, I take advantage of the many free resources out there, such as Vecteezy (warning: adware-hell) and Freesound. But there’s still a good reason to purchase stock resources. For those things, I’ve found Envato and Pond5 to be particularly useful.